Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you conduct tours and excursions?

We operate year-round and offer tours and excursions daily, weather permitting.   Due to high traffic volume on the lake, we are closed on major holiday weekends, Memorial and Labor Day weekends. We are closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.   Check our Touring Schedule for full details of our tours and excursions.

How do I make a reservation?

To make a reservation, please call our Reservations Line at 928-716-8687. Our phone lines are open daily from 9am to 5pm.   You can also visit us at our Dock House located on the Waterfront in the London Bridge English Village daily from 10am to 2pm.

Do I need a credit card to secure my reservation?

Yes, a credit card is needed to secure your reservation. We do not charge the card. The only time we would charge the card is if you no show without cancelling us or cancel after the 24 hour cancellation period.

When is payment due?

Payment is due upon check in for your tour or excursion.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

We require a 24 hour notice to cancel a reservation at no charge.   Any cancellations made for reservations booked on the day of will be charged.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Safety is our main priority.   The Captains monitor the weather daily and if the conditions become unfavorable during tour time, the tours and excursions will be cancelled.   There will be no charge to passengers for cancellations due to weather.

Do you offer any discounts?

Sorry we do not offer discounts.

How long before departure do I need to arrive?

We require you to check in 15 minutes prior to departure.

Where do we board the vessels?

The Sunset Charter & Tour Co. dock is located on the Waterfront in the London Bridge English Village.   The best GPS address to use is the Lake Havasu Visitor Center at 422 English Village, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403.

Is there parking at your location?

Yes, there is free parking available at the London Bridge English Village.

Is there shuttle service available to your location?

Yes, there are several local shuttle services available at a reasonable price and Uber is available throughout the city.

Do your vessels meet US Coast Guard Regulations?

Yes, our vessels meet all required regulations and are inspected annually by the US Coast Guard.

How many passengers do your vessels accommodate?

Serenity Now accommodates 6 passengers and Kon Tiki Canyon Cruiser accommodates 18 passengers.

Are your tours and excursions suitable for small children?

Young children fare better on our shorter tours aboard Kon Tiki Canyon Cruiser.   A carrier is recommended for infants to keep them comfortable while underway.

Are your vessels covered?

Kon Tiki Canyon Cruiser does have a fixed canopy.   Serenity Now’s canopy is up during day excursions and is retracted for the evening excursions to provide an unobstructed view.

Are there restrooms on board your vessels?

Serenity Now is equipped with a restroom.   Kon Tiki Canyon Cruiser does not have a restroom on board.   There are restrooms near our docks in the London Bridge English Village to be used prior to departure and upon return.   In case of an urgent need, there are places on the lake in which the Captain can make an emergency restroom stop.

How fast are your vessels?

Once we are out of the slow zones and underway, our cruising speed is a comfortable 17 mph.   

Are there Life Jackets on board your vessels?

Yes, we are required by the US Coast Guard to have life jackets on board for each passenger in the event of an emergency.

Are children required to wear Life Jackets on board your vessels?

Yes, Arizona State Law requires all Children age 12 years and younger must wear a Life Jacket onboard a vessel and while the vessel is underway.   We do have Life Jackets for the children and we will fit them properly prior to departure.

What do I wear on the tours and excursions?

In the winter we recommend layering clothes and light jackets.   In the summer months we suggest dressing cool and comfortable.   We also recommend hats, sunglasses and sunscreen all year round.

Is there food and beverage available on board?

We provide complimentary bottled water aboard each vessel.   You are allowed to bring any other type of beverage, including alcohol on board and any lite snacks you prefer.

Are your vessels accessible for persons with disabilities?

Yes, Serenity Now is wheelchair accessible. To board the vessel Kon Tiki Canyon Cruiser, passengers must be able to step up a 6 inch step. Items brought for assistance can be stored and will be locked up on our dock.   Our docks have ramps down to both vessels.

Do you allow animals on board your vessels?

We only allow Service Animals aboard our vessels.

Can we swim during the tours and excursions?

Swimming is allowed during our Topock Gorge Experience and Private Charters.