The Sunset Charter & Tour Co. captains are US Coast Guard Certified and, together, have 52 years of combined experience. All of our captains have been long term residents of Lake Havasu City and each has an extensive knowledge of Lake Havasu, Lake Havasu City, the London Bridge and the Colorado River Valley. The captains share a love of the water and the beauty of Lake Havasu.

Captain Kenny

Captain Kenny decided to start Sunset Charter & Tour Co. because he wanted to share the natural beauty and history of his beloved Lake Havasu with visitors. Although he lived in California as a child, his family moved to Lake Havasu City in 1976 to run the local bowling center. Prior to managing the family bowling center, Captain Kenny pursued his passion for water skiing, winning competitions for speed skiing and soon was involved in a variety of ski shows. He loves being on the water, saying it gives him a sense of freedom. He became a Licensed Captain in 2007 after attending the Maritime Institute in Southern California. “I love being out on the water, it gives us all a combination of calmness and energy. I love sharing that with people.” He has a 100 ton masters license.

Captain Wally

Captain Wally has been on the water his whole life and truly enjoys it. A water sports enthusiast, he has competed in sailboat races around the country and counts scuba diving and surfing as hobbies. After a successful career in business in California, Wally moved to Lake Havasu City in 1993 where he operated a new and used bookstore. He became a Licensed Captain in 1999. For Captain Wally, the best part of working for Sunset Charter & Tour Co. is being on the water and meeting people from all over the world. “It makes me feel good when people are smiling and clapping at the end of the tours.” He has a 100 ton masters license.

Captain Rick

Growing up in Santa Monica, California, Captain Rick always enjoyed being in and around the water, which included several boat camping trips on Lake Havasu when he was young. He was in the US Navy and has travelled extensively. Retiring in Lake Havasu City after a successful career as a business executive, Captain Rick became a Licensed Captain in 1998. He loves both meeting people on his tours and sharing the history of the Colorado River. “The people, the scenery, the good music, the sunsets and the weather always makes each tour different and interesting.” He has a 100 ton masters license.

Captain Pete

A native of Illinois, Captain Pete was able to turn his hobby of sailing and powerboating into a career when he was offered early retirement. After almost 30 years as an engineering technician and supervisor, he gave up the cold winters and now spends them in Lake Havasu City. He became a Licensed Captain in 2001. A Vietnam Navy veteran, Captain Pete loves the peace and serenity of being on the water and especially enjoys sharing his experience with passengers. “I like to think of Sunset Charter & Tour Co. as the place where passengers become friends.” He has a 100 ton masters license.

Captain Kevin

A Fire Engineer on the Lake Havasu City Fire Department, Captain Kevin has loved Lake Havasu since the 1980s. He has a great passion for all water sports, especially water skiing. He teaches water skiing and wakeboarding and has medaled many times for slalom skiing and ski jumping at the World Police and Fire Games. He became a Licensed Captain in 1988 after he moved to Lake Havasu City. He loves meeting new people and showing off his backyard to the tourists. “I think Jimmy Buffet said it best, the ocean is my only medication.” He has a 100 ton masters license.

Captain Todd

Hailing from Nebraska, Captain Todd has a love for machines that move. As a young man he was a train engineer for the BNSF Railroad, where he worked for 7 years. After riding the rails, he moved on to boats and started a boat rental company. A love affair brought him to Lake Havasu City and he became a Licensed Captain in 2012. He loves water skiing and jet skiing and running boats. A man of few words, Captain Todd enjoys the interactions with visitors and showing them the beauty of Lake Havasu. He has a 100 ton masters license.

Captain Janene

A native of Michigan, Captain Janene moved to Lake Havasu City when she was 11 so her parents could escape the harsh northern winters. Co-owner of Sunset Charter & Tour Co., she started in the hospitality and casino business working at the London Bridge Resort and the then at Nautical Inn Resort. Her career took her to Las Vegas and Chicago where she was a marketing executive for properties including the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino, Venetian Resort & Casino and Hyatt Gaming. After partnering with Captain Kenny in the business for several years, Captain Janene became a Licensed Captain in 2017 after she decided she also wanted to be at the boat helm to share Lake Havasu with visitors. “Each day there is something new to see or a color I haven't seen before. I love sharing our love of the area.” She has a 25 ton masters license.

Captain Megan

Captain Megan is an accomplished outrigger canoe racer who has decided to take her love of the water and start a new career as a boat captain. She became a Licensed Captain in 2017 and enjoys the lake for the peace it brings. A former English teacher in California and here in Lake Havasu City, Captain Megan loves being on the lake. Her favorite part of giving tours is when locals tell her they learned something new about their own natural environment. “Come see the lake with us. You’ll learn something new.” She has a 25 ton masters license.